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MKV-InterfaceThe product line GTC offers to clients was developed as an OEM alternative replacement to the current GE <I>, <G> & <HMI>™ operator interfaces for MkIV* & MkV GE Speedtronic™ turbine control panel systems. As a complete solution, the software uses Cimplicity 8.0 as the <HMI> operator graphical interface, providing Proficy Historian as an option.

The Product Line offers many benefits, including:

  • Troubleshooting unit trips or events made easier while running the software utilizing Chart software.
  • Sequence-Of-Events continuously running @ 8 scans per second (predefined High Speed (HS) points)
  • Sequence-Of-Events continuously running @ 1 scans per second (All points other than HS)
  • All TRIP logicals monitored @ 8 scans per second (predefined HS points)
  • Capability of switching from alarms directly into software logic
  • Export data directly to MS-Excel, MS-Access and MS-SQL
  • Industry standard software:
  • Windows 7 or optional XP
  • Proficy Historian®
  • Can be serviced by anyone who knows standard industry or OEM hardware and software
  • Flexibility of an open system that is up-to-date utilizing current technology

The offered system can also be used to consolidate multiple on-site OEM devices (Allen-Bradley, Fanuc, Siemens, etc.) into a single system application with a common look and feel, successfully modernizing and upgrading your turbine control systems.

Minimizing the Impact of Upgrading

The System allows you to easily interface to your existing Arcnet network by directly accessing the control system using off-the-shelf components.  To minimize training of operators while maintaining their confidence level to operate the unit, we can also reproduce the original operator screens, while providing added value with: 

  • No unit down-time during installation
  • The unit does not need to be shut down
  • No PROM changes are made (required?)
  • Installation is less than an hour on-site, after delivery.
  • Easy to upgrade through future software releases
  • Utilizes off-the-shelf ARCNET cards

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