MKIV Interface

MKIV-InterfaceThe GTCIV is an operator interface retrofit for all GE MkIV Speedtronic™ turbine control panels.

With the ability to provide this retrofit comes the new ability to offer capabilities never before available with the MkIV systems.
Value added features include:

  • Remote operation and monitoring
  • Reliability
  • Alarm logging
  • QWERTY keyboard
  • Network printing  

The GTCIV replaces not only the CRT of the MKIV panel; it replaces the membrane switches, adds data logging and allows for a remote station with full authority as if standing at the panel. It consists of an industrial touch-screen PC, Auxiliary Display keypad, and interface to the MkIV.

This advancement in technology gives the MKIV control system a new life in today’s technologically and ever changing Controls retrofit market.

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