GT Operations with Speedtronic (Mark V Controls)

Description: This customized course is designed to enable New Trainees/Graduates and on-site operators to understand the basics of GE Heavy Duty Gas Turbine features and how the Speedtronic Mark V control System governs the critical parameters.

The program will cover Gas Turbine Construction, support systems and the basics of GT controls and maintenance.

The course is designed to provide a solid background in turbine governing systems and Generators.

Participants increase their skills in relating machine operating requirements to the SPEEDTRONIC control. 
Course Duration:  5.0 Days
Course Outline: Gas Turbine Control Fundamentals
Gas turbine principles of operation
Governing System requirements

Introduction to Heavy Duty Gas Turbines
GT Components
Operating Systems
Auxiliary Systems
Video (Major Components of the Gas Turbine)
Description of Piping Schematics
1. On-Base Fuel Gas System
2. On-Base Fuel Oil System
3. Lube Oil and Hydraulic Oil Systems
4. Cooling Water System
5. Cooling and Sealing Air
6. Diesel Starting Engine
7. Accessory Equipment
8. Air Inlet Filters
Introduction to the Speedtronic Control System
Instrument Field Devices and Device summary
Introduction to Major Control Loops

Mark V Panel Hardware
1. Panel Layout
2. Cores, I/O Cards, Terminal Boards
3. Basic Troubleshooting tools
Gas Turbine Control
1. Startup/Speed/Temperature/Acceleration Control loops
2. Protection Controls

Control Displays
User Defined Display and Display programs

Software Tools
1. Difference between <I> and HMI software
2. Data acquisition on Mark V interface
3. Animation displays (creating simple display)
4. How to interpret Sequencing using Dynamic Rung Display

1. Gas turbine process and Diagnostic Alarms
2. Easy approach to Mark V panel Systems Alarms
3. Using Rung Display for fault finding

Generator Control and Excitation
Synchronising and Loading

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