Speedtronic Mark VI Controls Course

Description: This program is intended for all control technicians and engineers, no matter their level of experience. The training will offer the attendees in-depth knowledge to work with the Mk VI control system in application with the gas turbine. This training will familiarize them with the hardware and software components of the control system. It will develop strong skills in process alarm troubleshooting and analysis of the control code. Additional training includes LVDT calibration, control interface (Cimplicity HMI) software programming, sequence editing and diagnostic alarm troubleshooting. A Mark VI simulator will be used to provide the participants with some hands on training. 
Course Duration:  10.0 Days
Course Outline: Day 1
Course outline / objectives
Equipment review
Overview of turbine / control systems
GE documentation conventions
Control Specs
Piping Schematics
I/O report
Panel / network layout

Day 2
Controls Fundamentals
TMR operation / design philosophy
Panel layout
Introduction to operator interface(HMI) configuration

Day 3
HMI / Mk VI file structure
Operator interface (HMI) displays
Introduction to graphics application software (Cimplicity)
Introduction to controller application software (Toolbox)

Finder (the application software search engine)

Day 4
Introduction to software configuration

Signal Tracing VPRO configuration / protection software
Blockware concepts and diagrams

Day 5
Blockware functions and algorithms

Alarm Trace #1
Alarm Trace #2
Alarm Trace #3

Day 6
Forcing signals / changing control constants

Toolbox: Logic and Analog Forcing / Control Constants

Introduction to signal data base (SDB) Exercise:
Using the SDB

Day 7
Hardware configuration
LVDT calibration procedure

LVDT Calibration

Day 8
Sequencing editing
Adding software changes
Validation / build /download

Adding I/O and Alarm
Cimplicity #2
Adding a Macro

Day 9
Troubleshooting / diagnostics

Toolbox: “Ready to Start”

Toolbox: Trending

Day 10
Trip history
Mk VI toolbox graphics / data collection
Questions & Answers / Review / Final Test 

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